If you’re new to the strength or aesthetics game and you found Mike this early on, you’ve struck gold. The hardest part about accomplishing your appearance or strength goals is to find competent people to follow. In an industry full of scam artists and for someone who is new to things, this could be a daunting task. With Mike, you have someone who has their head submerged in the most current information for training and nutrition. You can trust he will lead you to success. However, this review is not for the newbie. This review is for the person that has been training for years and has experience. I’ve been training for 15 years and I’ve only had Mike for the last several years. I’ve always trained hard and knew I needed to push myself to achieve my goals but I lacked direction and currency. Mike is directly involved in the industry right now and is able to employ the most current information in all of his regimens because of this. Mike is personable and easy to talk to but is also the no-nonsense type. This is needed to take someone who has serious goals and make them attainable. If you have PR’s you’re chasing or a specific appearance you want to achieve, you need direction and it’s not enough to just train hard. Mike took my goals and determination and devised a plan of action. He looked at my current regimen and physique and did not hesitate to say this needed to be improved on or brought up and this is how we’re gonna do it. If you want to have direction, be accountable, and ensure your leaving no stone unturned, Mike is your guy.”

Shane Ondarza

I’ve been working with Mike for a little under a year now. He does both my training and nutrition. Coming into working with Mike my only real goal was weight loss. I am not a powerlifter or bodybuilder, and although I did exercise semi-regularly, I came into this with essentially no prior knowledge about lifting. I have taken many fitness classes in the past and have done a million at-home workouts, but I never felt comfortable walking into a gym by myself. Mike’s detailed training blocks with video instruction and critiques gave me the confidence to walk into the gym knowing I had a plan. Each time I left the gym I feel like I accomplished something which was truly productive and conducive towards my long-term goals. Mike’s instructions and critiques are so thorough. I always feel like I am getting the best feedback in order to maximize my performance and minimize the likelihood of injury.
Similar to my training history, my nutrition history has been a lot of trial and error. Working with Mike has been a really positive experience for me. He meets my nutritional challenges with understanding and encouragement. He has helped me understand what the best diet is for me and adjusts the plan as needed. His feedback is always extremely helpful. As I said, going into this my main goal was weight loss, but I have gotten so much more out of this experience. Gaining muscle and feeling stronger have improved my overall energy and attitude. Seeing my improvement from one block to the next, along with Mike’s encouragement, have been great motivators to keep progressing. Mike is an excellent coach and I look forward to continuous improvement under his guidance. I would suggest him to anyone regardless of your background!

Tara Dugan @taraadugan

“In the last year, I finished grad school, studied for and passed my board exam, bought a house, got married and started a full time job. Needless to say, my training and nutrition took a back seat. I found it difficult for my self to get back to the disciplined mindset I once had. I knew what I needed was accountability and guidance. Working with Mike has been the perfect solution to my issues. Since I began working with Mike my training and nutrition has been the most consistent it’s ever been. Mike’s coaching is effective and simple to follow. I’m finally enjoying training again and have made consistent improvements in my body composition, which has been my primary goal. Best of all, I feel the best I have in years.”

Artem Imnadze, DPT @artemimnadze

I’m a local strength and conditioning coach who has referred a few athletes with specific performance goals to Mike @ Hammer Away in the past. With that being said, I felt the need to undergo the process for myself in order to better help my client base in the future when selecting possible athletes to refer. I am a former athlete and felt I was in pretty good shape when I took on this process. After only one month with Mike, I am already feeling a lot better and seeing my body change. Mike has provided me with some much needed accountability, support and direction in my day to day decision making processes. I would recommend Mike to any athlete, physique lifter or general fitness goer who is serious about making changes to their body and wants to learn more about the process of doing so.

Chris Wilson, CSCS @_chris_effect_

I’ve been working with Mike for almost 2 years. He’s helped me with my workouts and nutrition through pregnancy and post pregnancy. He is quick to respond and provides honest feedback and help when it comes to making progress. I enjoy working with him and look forward to continuing my fitness journey with him.

Kristin Josephs

I have close to 4 years of experience working with Mike in powerlifting, general strength training, and nutrition at one time or another. He coached me through two years of powerlifting training cycles and I achieved numbers I never imagined I was capable of in a short period of time, especially for the squat and deadlift. Not only is he incredible at planning your lifts in order to get the most out of you, but he’s also there to critique your form and make sure you’re doing everything as efficiently as possible.

Most recently I’ve been working with Mike on nutrition and body composition as I play competitive tournament sports and decided this offseason that I could benefit from putting on some weight. At 6’6” I’m a lifelong “hard gainer” and no matter how strong I got during powerlifting, I wasn’t able to put on much weight, peaking at around 215lbs. We began a nutrition plan and for the first time, I was able to make some real gains. From November 2019 to February 2020, I increased my body weight from 215 lbs to 235 lbs, while focusing on my macros and lifting schedule to ensure I achieved this in the physical condition I desired. I couldn’t have accomplished this without the structured planning and knowledge that Mike brings to the table.

Tom Koelzer @tomkoelzer

I have been working with Mike for about a year and a half.  I have always enjoyed training but never had a real plan or specific goals and Mike was recommended to me by a co-worker.  When I contacted Mike, I gave him my goals and he provided me with a personalized plan, formulated very personally to my work schedule and equipment available to me.  Mike explained and helped me utilize progressive overload to hit new PRs and requested videos of lifts from each session to monitor form.  He has always been very easy to reach when needed, didn’t pull any punches when I needed guidance, and constantly sought feedback on how the training was progressing.  I have reached new levels of strength in the year and a half I have worked with Mike and am excited to see what new goals I can reach under his guidance.  I would recommend his experience and expertise to anyone who is serious when it comes to nutrition and resistance training.

Steve Crawford

“I was fortunate enough to get hooked up with Mike through a couple of mutual friends. I’ve been training for probably over 15 years now and never used a “coach”. Mike has been training me for a little over a year with the main goal of hypertrophy. Not only does this dude know his shit but will work around your injuries, work schedule, and so on. I have packed on some quality size over the past year and I’d highly recommend this dude.”

Reuben Ondarza @rubdodee83

“For the past year, I have learned so much under the coaching of Mike. I was completely new to the sport of powerlifting when we first met one year ago. Mike paid close attention to my technique and gave me advice each set/rep of the way in my squat, bench, deadlift, and even accessory movements. I found all his critiques to serve an educational purpose that one can take with them and help themselves improve in future training sessions. New to the sport and reluctant to step out of my comfort zone, Mike not only programmed a training schedule but helped me build confidence in myself and the drive to achieve more through each training session. Mike serves not only as a great coach but also a good friend and mentor to anyone new to the sport of powerlifting and fitness.”

Carlos Buenaflor @kngloso

“I have been training with Mike for over a year now. When we first started training, I told him my goals and he has helped me achieve them and more. Since working with Mike and his expert programming, I have hit multiple PR’s as well as competed in powerlifting meets. Through his easy accessibility, remote training via video, and constant feedback and analysis, he has helped refine my lifting techniques and perform far better than I ever imagined in PA State Championships. Beyond the gym, he has helped me better understand the sport as well as increase my confidence within myself. I am excited for future accomplishments and all the gains to come!”

Kate Roth @kroth34