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To do something with great energy and with all your attention.

Background & Mission

The attainment and maintenance of physical fitness is a life long task. To sustain success in this journey, it’s essential to be persistent with your exercise and nutrition regimen. In other words, each and every day you must put your nose to the grindstone and hammer away to achieve your aspirations.

At Hammer Away, we utilize an evidence-based approach customized to the individual’s unique strength, physique, and overall health goals. This is accomplished by facilitating positive behavior change and the development of sustainable habits. We utilize a dynamic approach that evolves in tandem with the client’s ambitions as they achieve success and set their sights on new undertakings.

Custom Training Programs

All training programs are individualized to the unique training history, goals, limitations and preferences of the individual. At Hammer Away, we work with a wide variety of clients including bodybuilders, powerlifters, and those simply seeking to look and feel better. Regardless of your starting point or end goal, we can construct a plan specific to your needs.

Tailored Nutrition and Supplement Plans

All nutrition and supplement plans are designed to address the distinct needs of the client based on their medical history, current dietary patterns, goals, and preferences. We specialize in a variety of nutritional goals including muscle-gain, fat loss, body recomposition, and improving overall health and longevity.

Flexible Packages

We’ll help you create a coaching package with the right level of accountability for your needs. Many providers offer a single all-encompassing package at a hefty price. At Hammer Away, we understand clients come with different experience levels and preferences. As such, we offer plans as minimal as a one-time consult or hands-off training program up to a premium coaching package with the potential for daily feedback. See our services page for more information on what we offer.


“If you’re new to the strength or aesthetics game and you found Mike this early on, you’ve struck gold.

“With Mike, you have someone who has their head submerged in the most current information for training and nutrition. You can trust he will lead you to success. 

“If you want to have direction, be accountable, and ensure your leaving no stone unturned, Mike is your guy.”

Shane Ondarza

“Mike’s detailed training blocks with video instruction and critiques gave me the confidence to walk into the gym knowing I had a plan. Each time I left the gym I feel like I accomplished something which was truly productive and conducive towards my long-term goals. Mike’s instructions and critiques are so thorough.”

“He meets my nutritional challenges with understanding and encouragement. He has helped me understand what the best diet is for me and adjusts the plan as needed. His feedback is always extremely helpful.”

Tara Dugan

Get closer to your fitness goals TODAY!

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